The Production of a Strategy Plan for “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.” (GUIDE)

Scenario: The Writer should research about “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.” and undertakes a full strategic review of its activities. The review will include an assessment of the organisation’s external environment, a review of its existing plans, consideration of strategic options, the development of a strategic plan, an examination of core values and, finally, the development of a schedule for implementation of the plan, including how it will be monitored and evaluated.

The Writer need to research information from “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.” and develop a full strategic review of the organisation based on his/her research. Covering all the following:

1 Understand the external environment affecting “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.”

This looks at understanding the external environment of an organisation and is an important starting point when studying strategic management.  Writer could explore the external environment of the specified organisation and draw conclusions on how changes in the external environment impact on the organisation. Writer can also draw on topical examples of how organisations are responding to changes in the external environment, for example technological developments affecting the music and entertainments industry. When Writer is examining the external environment, he/she need to concentrate on customers, competitors and the marketplace.

The Writer should show that he/she understand and explain the importance of the various external factors that impact on the way their chosen organisation conducts its business. The Writer need to use tools and techniques such as SWOT and STEEP to help analyse the external environment of “Red Bull Energy Drink Company” and to consider what happens when significant changes occur in the external environment that may cause the organisation’s strategic plans to change. Writer need to ensure that his/her analysis considers customers, competitors and the marketplace in which “Red Bull Energy Drink Company” operates.

In the below mentioned items, the writer should cover all in the paper with a Clear Explanation, Analysis, Graphs and References:

External environmental factors

  1. needs and expectations of customer groups, shareholders, suppliers and sub-contractors, the workforce and the community as a whole;
  2. review the success and direction of competitors and the market sector as a whole;
  3. effects of potential longer-term changes – in politics, and legislation, technology, product design, trends and expectations;
  4. use of external surveys and statistics;
  5. use of appropriate tools; SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, STEEP (social, technological, economic, environmental and political) analysis;
  6. market research; primary and secondary information;
  7. customer complaints and feedback;
  8. feasibility;
  9. competitor analysis;
  10. customer analysis;
  11. market analysis

2 Be able to review existing business plans and strategies in “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.”

Writer should review the various tools available to analyse existing strategic plans within the specified organisation (if appropriate). Writer should be able to assess where the organisation is positioned in their respective marketplaces. Case studies can be used to good effect in delivering SWOT analysis and other analytical tools can be used to assess the current strategic position of a variety of organisations in a number of different marketplaces.

The writer, will be expected to analyse the needs and expectations of all stakeholders in “Red Bull Energy Drink Company” and how they may have influenced strategic decision making within their organisations. The Writer will be expected to use appropriate tools to analyse the effects current business plans are having within “Red Bull Energy Drink Company” and evaluate the competitive strengths and weaknesses of current business strategies in place. The writer need to review “Red Bull Energy Drink Company” current position in its marketplace. This could include market share information and a discussion on competitor activity.

In the below mentioned items, the writer should cover all in the paper with a Clear Explanation, Analysis, Graphs and References:

Business plans and strategies: use of appropriate tools eg:

  1. value chain analysis,
  2. Porter’s Five Forces,
  3. Boston growth-share (BCG) matrix,
  4. SWOT analysis;
  5. internal surveys and statistics;
  6. product life;
  7. strategic drift;
  8. market share;
  9. measures for monitoring and evaluating;
  10. unrealised and emergent strategy;
  11. life cycle analysis;
  12. effects of globalisation;
  13. sustainable competitive advantage;
  14. pricing strategies;
  15. resources analysis;
  16. economies of scale and scope;
  17. core skills and competences;
  18. organisational culture analysis;
  19. market equilibrium;
  20. experience curves;
  21. comparative analysis




3 Be able to develop options for strategic planning for “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.”

Writer will need to be aware of the importance of developing strategic options and introduce and develop understanding of the use of modelling tools to develop strategic options. Writer should be able to draw on this process in the specified organization.  Writer should make an assessment of competitor activity and, again, writer should be able to draw on this process in the specified organization.

The writer need to use the various modelling tools available to develop strategic options for “Red Bull Company. Also, The Writer need to develop a comparative understanding of activity from organisations in the market. The writer could achieve this by reviewing what other organisations are doing in the marketplace and what this activity will mean for their chosen organisation. The writer need to create options to form the basis of a future strategy for Red Bull Energy Drink Company. For example, this could be entering new markets or developing new products.

In the below mentioned items, the writer should cover all in the paper with a Clear Explanation, Analysis, Graphs and References:

Strategic planning:

  1. Ansoff matrix strategies;
  2. vertical, backwards and forwards integration;
  3. horizontal integration;
  4. differentiation;
  5. cost leadership;
  6. Mintzberg’s strategies (deliberate, emergent);
  7. leadership and differentiation;
  8. strategic alliance; merger,
  9. acquisition; competitive strategies;
  10. value-based strategy;
  11. contingency strategy;
  12. market niche;
  13. market segmentation;
  14. adding value;
  15. market share;
  16. workforce competence development;
  17. product portfolio;
  18. reconfiguration;
  19. gap analysis;
  20. profitability;
  21. niche markets;
  22. present portfolio analysis;
  23. benchmarking

4 Be able to construct a strategy plan for “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.”

The Writer here should show how a strategic plan is structured and developed and explain the variety and differing forms that exist. Writer should examine how potential options that may appear in the plan are reviewed.

The writer need to propose a suitable structure for a strategy plan. The writer need to show that the plan will be developed in such a way that all stakeholders in their chosen organisation will be able to participate in its formation. The writer also need to develop criteria for reviewing potential options for the strategic plan. For example, if one strategic option is to raise prices, then the learner would describe how the effect of this would be measured.

The Writer also need to construct an agreed strategy plan that includes the resources that will be needed to implement the plan. The Writer will need to examine factors affecting the plan, including a comparison of the organization’s values against the current business objectives

In the below mentioned items, the writer should cover all in the paper with a Clear Explanation, Analysis, Graphs and References:

Management strategy:

  1. reviewing options;
  2. attractiveness to stakeholders;
  3. stakeholder participation;
  4. criteria for judging options;
  5. feasibility studies;
  6. risk assessment;
  7. reviewing additional recent material;
  8. cost-benefit analysis;
  9. consistency with organisational values;
  10. effects on market position and share;
  11. costs and investments;
  12. opportunity costs;
  13. scenario planning;
  14. simulation modelling;
  15. sensitivity analysis;
  16. balanced scorecard approach;
  17. potential globalisation and internet advantages;
  18. resources issues eg financial, workforce

5 Be able to examine factors affecting an organisational strategy plan

Writer here need to understand the importance of core values that exist in “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.”and how they are related to business and strategic objectives. Using case studies and other publications, writer should review a number of different organisations and identify the dominant cultures that exist within them. Writer should understand how culture, core values, mission and vision are all linked and the impact they have on strategic planning. Writer also need to understand why evaluation and performance measures need to be in place to assess the progress and development of a plan.

Writer need to develop appropriate vision and mission statements that will guide the plan and produce agreed future management objectives also the writer need to develop measures for evaluating their strategy plan.

In the below mentioned items, the writer should cover all in the paper with a Clear Explanation, Analysis, Graphs and References:

  1. Vision versus mission:

Core organisational values eg

  • ethical,
  • cultural,
  • environmental,
  • social and business;
  • growth;
  • profit;
  • customer orientation;
  • workforce expectation;
  • management style


  1. Objectives and measures:
  2. SMARTER (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based, evaluate, reevaluate) objectives;
  3. business ethics;
  4. raising awareness;
  5. promoting good practice;
  6. role modelling;
  7. stakeholder involvement;
  8. managing diversity;
  9. spiritual and cultural issues;
  10. environmental considerations

6 Be able to plan for the implementation of a strategy plan

Here the writer need to develop a schedule for implementing their strategy plan in “Red Bull Energy Drink Co.”

In the below mentioned items, the writer should cover all in the paper with a Clear Explanation, Analysis, Graphs and References:


  1. gaining general organisational agreement;
  2. communication with stakeholders;
  3. organisational development;
  4. timetable for implementation;
  5. Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR);
  6. management by objectives;
  7. action planning,
  8. performance appraisal;
  9. structure and strategic fit;
  10. developing policy;
  11. communication systems;
  12. guidelines;
  13. focus and realignment;
  14. contingency planning;
  15. monitoring and evaluation control systems;

dissemination and cascading processes